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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 3:23 AM

I thought it would be appropriate to do a bit of a wardrobe post, but as I mentioned in my previous entry, my style is changing. I don't have many Classic or Gothic pieces in my lolita wardrobe. Actually, I don't have much of anything as of now. I got rid of the pieces that were too sweet for me and only kept a couple of dresses (and I mean a couple).

So instead of doing a wardrobe post, I decided to instead make a post about recent purchases. These were made this year or the end of last year. It's not much, but it's a start. In the future, I'll do a proper wardrobe post to show my dresses and other accessories as well. But for now, this will do!

The first purchase I would like to talk about is this absolutely gorgeous necklace from PUTUMAYO. I really like PUTUMAYO especially the little shop front they have in Harajuku (the actual shop not the ones that you find in malls here). It's so lovely like a doll house inside. I love the atmosphere of that shop so I love going there. Anyway, back the necklace, it's the pink version of their violin necklace. I love that you can see through it and inside the violin are little lace flowers and music notes.

I think PUTUMAYO accessories are some of my favorite accessories for lolita. They have a lot of very cute themes with animals, roses, instruments, etc. ^^

This is the next purchase I want to talk about. It is also from PUTUMAYO. I had to have this bag when I first saw it. I saw it a couple of months before Christmas at the shop in Marui One, but at the time I had already made some large purchases so I didn't have much extra spending money. But once Christmas hit, this was one of the first things I looked for again.

Everything about this bag screams me. It's pink. It sparkles. There are cats, crowns and butterflies printed on it. Basically it has most of the things I love. I love anything that sparkles. Let's just say I'm attracted to shiny objects, haha! All in all, this bag is cute, sturdy and very big. It's perfect!

The final purchase I will talk about is a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright lucky bag I got around Christmas time.  I decided to head the the Baby store while I was at Marui One, and the shop girls were just packing up and putting these lucky bags out on display. They were very cheap, only 8000yen! That's a steal for what you get inside.

I was extremely happy to get all black items. I got a pair of black bloomers, a black petticoat, and some socks. I really needed a black petticoat as the only one I have is white. As for the bloomers, it was nice to get a dark pair as I only had a pink pair at the time. And I'm always happy to get cute socks. I think I have more socks than anything else. xD

These are the purchases I made in the past few months. Like I said, it isn't much, but I'm very happy with what I got. I'm hoping to get a new dress by the end of next month. I know exactly the dress I want, and it will be my first Classic piece as well.

That's all for now!

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